6D Tape Pro

Finnish Health Tech Company Announces Launch of 6D Tape Pro Lymphatic Massage Device


Finnish health tech company, 6D Tape Inc., has announced the upcoming launch of their new lymphatic massage device, 6D Tape Pro. This innovation aims to increase circulation and lymph flow round-the-clock, harnessing technology that mimics the body’s natural pumping action. “6D Tape Pro represents a significant advancement in at-home lymphatic therapy solutions,” says CEO Tapani Taskinen. “Its patented and patent-pending technologies effectively reduce swelling, minor pain, and aid scar treatment without the need for constant manual massage.”

The 6D Tape Pro device includes three different massage programs that allow for simultaneous treatment of different parts of the body. Its soft and flexible tape guarantees a comfortable user experience, even during overnight use. Development of 6D Tape Pro has been supported by the European Union, and the company aims to launch the product globally in 2024. The device offers accessible lymphatic massage, and strong demand is expected due to the enthusiasm of healthcare professionals and patients. “We are proud to introduce our innovation which empowers people to take control of their own health,” says Taskinen. “6D Tape Pro is poised to elevate the self-care of swelling, pain, and scars to a new level.”