6D Action Vacuum Massage Device

The 6D Action device has six core features and technologies: freely adjustable suction strength and pressure alternation, simultaneous treatment with two vacuum cups, rolling cups, the plastic cup set, and the autoclave glass cup set. The 6D Action vacuum therapy device manipulates tissue in six directions, just like 6D Tape products. This makes the 6D Action device an excellent companion for 6D Tape.

6D Action Vacuum Massage Device

6D Action massage, this action vacuum massager allows not only continuous vacuum suction but also pulsating vacuum suction. 6D Action massage does not require special preparation as the treatment is applied to the bare skin. Moderate application of oil or massage cream may allow the treatment head to glide more smoothly on the skin. Avoid excessive use of oil or massage cream. The standard device package includes the main unit, vacuum cable with filter, 6 treatment heads in different sizes, roller treatment head with filter, power cable, and carrying bag.


6D Action with Accessories

The three techniques of 6D Action massage are as follows:

1. Pulsation vacuum – Pulsation vacuum mode on the treated area.
2. Combined with lift/twist – Continuous or pulsation vacuum mode on the treated area combined with lift/twist.
3. Combined with gliding – Continuous or pulsation vacuum mode on the treated area combined with gliding.

Technology makes 6D Action an unbeatable therapy device

The 6D Action device is CE certified in Europe in accordance with standard EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014.