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Explore Our Global Retailers – 6D Tape and 6D Action Accessible Worldwide

Welcoming you to our family of esteemed International Retailers! Our 6D Tape and 6D Action Vacuum Massage devices are available around the globe, ensuring a convenient shopping experience for our customers with faster delivery times and lower costs.

Whether you seek the lymphatic benefits of our 6D Tape or the tissue manipulation capabilities of our 6D Action, there’s a local retailer ready to serve.

Find a Local Retailer

Make healing and recovery an integral part of your lifestyle no matter where you are in the world. Check out our retailers by region:

United States



United Kingdom: Juzo UK / Sieden

Ireland: SerraNova

Germany: K-Active

Switzerland: Alltron AG / Brack

Norway: Altius Gruppen

Denmark: Fysiodema

Poland: Technomex


Yliopiston Apteekki

Medfit / Alfacare  


Also available by request from all Finnish pharmacies


Japan: SGT Japan

Hong Kong: Bodycare




YES Medical


Our expansive reach across the globe speaks volumes—echoing the recipes of love from our customers who trust in our products, and endorsing the confidence entrusted by investors who have recognized our resilient market presence.

If your organization sees the value we add, and seeks to be a part of this revolution to boost global wellness, we warmly welcome you. Venture into the world of 6D Tape or 6D Action by becoming a dedicated retailer in your own country. Reach out directly to our 6D Tape Inc.’s management team. Together, let’s push the boundaries of advanced health technology, making a tangible difference in lives around the world.



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