Self-care for elbow issues

Active self-care is key in rehabilitating elbows

Golf and tennis elbow, for example, respond well to treatment with 6D Tape. The medical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis, and it is a condition where the outside of the elbow becomes painful. A similar condition where the pain is on the inside of the elbow is called the golf elbow. Pain in the elbow may radiate to the upper forearm and weaken one’s grip strength. The cause of golf and tennis elbow may be repeated stress on the elbow region in certain hobbies or work environments.

6D Tape can be used to stimulate lymph flow, blood circulation, fasciae, scar tissue, muscles and joints by manipulating the tissue. Activating the tissue by lifting, pressing and twisting the handles will promote its metabolism and circulation.

Treatment instructions for the golf and tennis elbow self-care kit

The self-care kit includes complete instructions and pre-cut tapes. Also see the general instructions on how to apply the tape.


6D Tape for treating tennis and golfer´s elbow

1. Clean

The skin must be clean, dry and hairless. First remove any hair from the area where you will apply the tape. Always clean the skin with a cleaning solution before applying the tape. For maximum adhesion, make sure that the skin is not moist or sweaty.


2. Remove the backing paper

Remove the backing from a tape strip that is the length of two handles as shown. Take care not to touch the adhesive side of the tape. Do not stretch 6D Tape. If the treatment site requires stretching, the recommended stretch is 0–15 percent. If you do stretch the tape, be careful not to stretch the ends of the tape (the “anchors”).


3. Place

Place the two-handle strip of tape on the supraclavicular fossa of the side with the sore elbow. Place the strip of tape so that the collarbone (clavicle) sits between the handles or with both handles above the collarbone. Keep your head in the normal position with your face straight forward. Do not turn your head or stretch your muscles. Rub the tape vigorously from the center of the tape towards the ends to ensure that it attaches to the skin.


4. Tape

Apply tape to the sore elbow. Place a three-handle strip of tape on the inside and outside of the elbow. Keep the arm in its natural position, slightly bent at the elbow. Place the middle handle on top of the elbow joint where the pain is located. Avoid stretching the tape or touching the adhesive. Do not start the treatment right away – the adhesive takes 15 minutes to reach maximum adhesion after application.


5. Activate and treat

First, activate the supraclavicular fossa by gently pressing and lifting the tape by the handles about 15 times for one minute. Continue activation by pressing, lifting and twisting the handles at the elbow for 5–10 minutes. Start the activation from the upper handles, move on to the middle handles and finish with the lower handles. Continue the treatment in the opposite direction, proceeding from bottom to top. Finish the treatment by pressing and lifting the handle in the supraclavicular fossa some 15–20 times. Repeat the treatment every 3–4 hours.


6. Remove the tape

We recommend wearing the tape for 3–10 days. Rub the tape vigorously with your hand. Then roll the tape along the skin to remove it. Never tear off the tape, as this may cause pain and damage the skin. The tape’s retention time varies according to the number and intensity of treatment sessions. When the tape starts to come off, it can no longer be reattached to the skin.


Watch the video to see the correct application of tape for golf and tennis elbow.

The venous angle in the supraclavicular fossa of the side with the sore elbow is taped first, then the inside and outside of the elbow

Also see the general treatment instructions


Customer stories about self-care for elbow pain

Golf and tennis elbow

My customers have had good results in treating golf and tennis elbow with 6D Tape.

Tennis elbow

I had previously been plagued by tennis elbow for almost a year. Doctors and the exercises suggested by my physical therapist could provide no help. As the problem resurfaced, I was lucky to find 6D Tape, and with active use I fully ridded myself of the condition in under a month.

Golf and tennis elbow

I am a truck driver. My elbow was so sore that I couldn’t even secure cargo with tie-down straps. I tried many treatments, but none helped. Finally, my elbow recovered in a week with 6D Tape.

Technology makes 6D Tape an unbeatable therapeutic aid

The latest technology and innovations were used to develop 6D Tape, and it has been thoroughly tested before release for sale. 6D Tape is a class 1 medical device, registered according to the European Union’s Medical Devices Regulation (MDR 2017/745/EU).


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