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6D Tape Inc.

6D Tape Inc. is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2016. We focus on developing, marketing, and selling medical devices and products for physiotherapy, lymphatic therapy and active self-care. Our target indications for treatment are pain, scars, swelling and the sequelae of surgeries and trauma.

Our vision

We envision a world where advanced medical and therapeutical devices enhance the healing journey, enabling individuals to swiftly recover from surgeries, trauma, edema, swelling, pain and other health challenges.

Our mission

6D Tape is committed to pioneering innovative solutions that accelerate healing and enhance the quality of life.  Our dedication lies in offering accessible and affordable therapeutic solutions to everyone in need.



Our product portfolio includes the CE marked and patented 6D Tape products and the CE marked 6D Action vacuum therapy device.

6D Tape products
European Union: CE MDR 2017/745/EU: Class 1
USA: FDA Class 1, 510(K) Exempt, Product code KGX, Regulation # 21 CRF 880.5240, Listing # D442239

European Patent No. EP3528765

U.S. Patent No. 11,096,817

Japanese Patent No. 7007388

Canadian Patent No. 3,074,137

International patents pending.

6D Action vacuum therapy device
European Union: CE EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014, EMC 2014/30/EU and LVD: 2014/35/EU
USA: FDA Class 1, 510(K) Exempt – Product code ISA, Regulation # 21 CRF 890.5660; Listing # D442242


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Tapani Taskinen

CEO, Dr. (Tech)

Tel. +358 50 544 8444


Jussi Karkela

 Sales Director, Physiotherapist

Tel.+358 44 276 3987


6D Tape


Sannastinlaakso 3 A 11
50150 Mikkeli

Puh. +358 442763987


Iso Kylätie 47
04130 Sipoo

Tel. +358 442763987

Company-ID and VAT-number: FI 27626265

6D Action -Service


Iso Kylätie 47
04130 Sipoo

Tel. +358 442763987

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