A unique handle tape for lymphatic therapy, physical therapy and scar treatment

We are excited to introduce our collaborator, The 360 Mama, through a compelling testimonial that illuminates the transformative role of 6D Tape in C-section scar care. Based in Brighton, UK, The 360 Mama is a clinic that specializes in post-natal recovery. The dedicated team of professionals share a passion for women’s health and holistic postnatal wellbeing, creating recovery programs for mothers. Their tailored approach in supporting mothers in their postpartum journey makes The 360 Mama a profound influence in the field.

For this testimonial, Hannah West from The 360 Mama generously shares invaluable insights about treating a C-section scar using 6D Tape. She has discovered a fantastic way for clients to easily manage and massage their healed scars using the tape, illustrating the step-by-step application and usage process.

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The 6D Tape works in six directions. It features handles and is skin-friendly, making it well suited for lymphatic therapy, physical therapy, scar treatment and active self-care.

The unique 6D handles allow manipulation that stimulates lymph flow, blood circulation, fasciae, scar tissue, muscles and joints. Treatment with 6D Tape will improve recovery from injury, ease joint and muscle pain, reduce nerve compression and swelling, and help with constricting scar tissue.

6D Tape has many therapeutic uses

6D Tape is effective for treating back, neck and muscle pain, as well as swelling and joints. Manipulating the tape with the handles alleviates pain and reduces swelling by activating the body’s internal cleanup and healing mechanisms. The tape is also suited for treating surgical and traumatic scar tissue and swelling. For example, the tape is excellent at treating repetitive strain injuries, including golfer’s, mouse and tennis elbow, and constricting connective tissue (fascia).

Try 6D Tape today and see how well it works! You can find 6D Tape handle tapes for all purposes in the webstore.

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Expert user’s story

I use 6D Tape in my work to support patient self-care, including the treatment of tension and localized pain. It is a good tool for treating and manipulating scars. The treatment is easy to instruct for patients to carry out independently or with help. Among other things, the tape is excellent for manipulating post-op scars to increase flexibility. I like the clarity of the self-care instructions and the ready-made kits that the patients can safely use at home in addition to their physical therapy and exercises.

Sonja Snygg, physical therapist, Docrates Cancer Center


6D Tape is unique

The unique handles of 6D Tape set it apart from kinesiology tapes. The handles enable a new way of manipulating tissue in several ways: lifting, twisting, stretching and pressing.

6D Tape is skin-friendly

Your skin can rest easy under 6D Tape. The 6D Tape® adhesive technology will not damage the skin during use or removal. 6D Tape breathes well and protects the skin while still being waterproof. It is suitable for showers, saunas and swimming, and it is designed to be worn for 3–10 days. 6D Tape is hypoallergenic and contains no latex, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Read more about the unique properties and skin-friendliness of 6D Tape on the technology information pages.


Technology makes 6D Tape an unbeatable therapeutic aid

The latest technology and innovations were used to develop 6D Tape, and it has been thoroughly tested before release for sale. 6D Tape is a class 1 medical device, registered according to the European Union’s Medical Devices Regulation (MDR 2017/745/EU).

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Research results for 6D Tape


The feasibility study showed 6D Tape treatment to be effective, as it improved the flow of lymph from the intercellular space into the lymphatic vessels.

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Customer stories

Hurt knee

I like Nordic walking and walk almost daily. My left knee and shin had been sore for two months. Finally, 6D Tape was applied. My condition improved in a couple of days. I left the tapes on for ten days. I had no more pain after that. Now I’m free to continue my hobby. Thank you!

Tennis elbow

I had previously been plagued by tennis elbow for almost a year. Doctors and the exercises suggested by my physical therapist could provide no help. As the problem resurfaced, I was lucky to find 6D Tape, and with active use I fully ridded myself of the condition in under a month.

Rehabilitation after breast surgery

Multiple problems arose in my breasts and chest after I underwent surgery for breast cancer. Active stretching and physical therapy helped, but 6D Tape made the biggest difference.

Combine 6D Tape with 6D Action vacuum therapy

The 6D Action vacuum therapy device manipulates tissue in six directions, just like 6D Tape products. They also make for a powerful combination. The strength and rhythm of the 6D Action device’s suction can be adjusted freely.

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