Active self-care with 6D Tape helps with back pain

Back pain is a common ailment that nearly everyone will experience. Back pain and muscle tension in the back are caused by heavy lifting, demanding working positions, bad ergonomics and certain hobbies.

6D Tape can be used to stimulate lymph flow, blood circulation, fasciae, scar tissue, muscles and joints by manipulating the tissue. Activating tissue by lifting, pressing and twisting the handles will promote the tissue’s metabolism and circulation.

Self-care instructions for the back

You will need one five-meter roll of 6D Tape. Follow the instructions to cut the correct strips. One five-meter roll is enough for multiple treatments. Also see the general treatment instructions.

1. Clean

The skin must be clean, dry and hairless. First remove any hair from the area where you will apply the tape. Always clean the skin with a cleaning solution before applying the tape. For maximum adhesion, make sure that the skin is not moist or sweaty.


2. Cut

Cut off an appropriate length of tape and round the ends to keep it from catching on clothing. For the supraclavicular fossae, you will need strips two handles in length. A good length for the shoulders is two or three handles, depending on their width. You can use multiple strips to cover larger areas. Watch the video for an example.


3. Tape

Remove the backing paper and avoid touching the adhesive. Avoid stretching the ends of the tape. To minimize the strain on the skin, we recommend that you never stretch the tape when you apply it. This makes the tape pleasant to wear for multiple days. This will also prevent accidental tissue damage from excessive stretching. If stretching is required, for example to make a turn in the tape, we recommend a maximum of 15 percent. Carefully rub the tape so that it adheres fully to the skin. Never stretch joints or muscles when applying the tape.

First, apply two-handle strips of activation tape on both supraclavicular fossae. Rub the tape from the middle towards the ends to activate the adhesive. Then apply two- or three-handle strips to the target area. You can use multiple strips as required. Watch the video for an example.


4. Activate and treat

Wait 15 minutes for the adhesive to take hold before you use the tape to manipulate tissues. Activate the tissue by moving the handles: lift, twist, stretch and press. Start by activating the supraclavicular fossae for one minute. Treat the back area for approximately 5–10 minutes. Finish by activating the supraclavicular fossae for one minute. Repeat the treatment every 3–4 hours. Watch the video for an example.


5. Remove

6D Tape will stay on the skin for 3–10 days, depending on the number and intensity of the treatments. We recommend removing the tape after no more than 10 days. When it is time to remove the tape, simply roll it up along the skin. Warming up the tape makes it easier to remove, which you can do by rubbing.



Back treatment video

See the video for an example of taping the lower back. The exact placement of the strips depends on which area of the back needs treatment.


Also see the general treatment instructions



Customer stories about back treatment

Rehabilitation after back surgery

I rehabilitated myself actively with 6D Tape after my back surgery. I fully recommend it.

Rehabilitation after surgery

I find 6D Tape to be a good tool for active patient self-care in treating swelling and constricting surgical scars.

Muscle and joint rehabilitation

I am happy with the results produced by 6D Tape, and so are my patients. I have used the tape for muscle pain, joint pain, fascia treatment, to soften scar tissue, improve lymph flow and to activate the body’s lymphatic system.

Technology makes 6D Tape an unbeatable therapeutic aid

The latest technology and innovations were used to develop 6D Tape, and it has been thoroughly tested before release for sale. 6D Tape is a class 1 medical device, registered according to the European Union’s Medical Devices Regulation (MDR 2017/745/EU).


The most effective active self-care tape on the market