Divine Hands – Physiotherapist Katarina Marjola Talks Pain Treatment with 6D Tape

6.10.2023 | 6D Tape

I’ve been told that I have divine hands – but it’s actually the tape that does the trick, and the effect is immediate! I’m Katarina Marjola, a physiotherapist. I work in public healthcare with outpatient clients, and I also practice as a part-time professional under the name Crionna Fysio. I’ve achieved excellent results with 6D […]

Physiotherapist Mimi Skog shares her experiences of using 6D Tape

16.8.2023 | 6D Tape

My name is Mimi Skog and I specialize in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders. I am a physiotherapist by basic training, but I have supplemented my professional skills by completing a four-year Doctor of Naprapathy degree. I mainly treat musculoskeletal problems, such as muscle, joint, back, neck, hip and so on – rehabilitation includes both […]