The handles of 6D Tape offer many ways for manipulating tissues. This makes the method excellent at treating various ailments. The handles are a unique design that allows tissue to be moved in six directions along the X, Y and Z axes: forward and back, side to side, up and down, as well as twisting around the axis. There are many differences between kinesiology tapes and 6D Tape. This is important to note when applying the tape, as 6D Tape should not be stretched before application. The effects and effectiveness of 6D Tape have been proven scientifically.

The theoretical foundation of the 6D Tape treatment and its mechanisms is divided into six areas

The first of the key areas is the lymphatic system.

Improving lymph flow in the target area reduces swelling, which alleviates pain.


The second area is the skin.

The manipulation of scars and fibrotic tissue improves their metabolism and flexibility. Even old scars can benefit from treatment, as the tissue is constantly rebuilding itself.


The third area is the connective tissue, also known as fascia.

Treatment of the connective tissue will reduce constriction in the local connective tissue and in the connective tissue chains.


The fourth area is the muscles.

Removing extra fluid and reducing swelling will improve conditions for the satellite cells responsible for repairing muscle damage, enhancing recovery.


The fifth area is the joints. 

Reduced swelling improves the metabolism of a joint. This increases the viscosity of the joint’s lubricating hyaluronic acid located in the joint capsule. The aim is to improve the lubrication and prevent the joint surfaces from rubbing.


The sixth area is the nerve tissue.

The reduction in swelling will affect the nerve tissue, as pressure on the nerves is registered as pain. This is why 6D Tape treatment helps with nerve compression syndrome and other pain caused by excessive pressure in the body’s tissues.


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Technology makes 6D Tape an unbeatable therapeutic aid

The latest technology and innovations were used to develop 6D Tape, and it is a unique solution with unbeatable features. It has been thoroughly tested before release for sale: 6D Tape is a class 1 medical device, registered according to the European Union’s Medical Devices Regulation (MDR 2017/745/EU).


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