Empowering Mothers on Their Healing Journey: The 360 Mama and 6D Tape Collaborate to Transform C-Section Scar Care

We are excited to introduce our collaborator, The 360 Mama, through a compelling testimonial that illuminates the transformative role of 6D Tape in C-section scar care. Based in Brighton, UK, The 360 Mama is a clinic that specializes in post-natal recovery. The dedicated team of professionals share a passion for women’s health and holistic postnatal wellbeing, creating recovery programs for mothers. Their tailored approach in supporting mothers in their postpartum journey makes The 360 Mama a profound influence in the field.

For this testimonial, Hannah West from The 360 Mama generously shares invaluable insights about treating a C-section scar using 6D Tape. She has discovered a fantastic way for clients to easily manage and massage their healed scars using the tape, illustrating the step-by-step application and usage process. Her testimonial highlights how the 6D Tape can not only mobilize scar tissue and alleviate pain but also stimulate lymph flow and blood circulation, which are critical for reducing swelling around a C-section.

Understanding the intricacies of recovering from birth, the 360 Mama’s collaboration with us in this video testimonial offers a closer look at how our 6D Tape aids in at-home postnatal recovery. We are proud to be working with The 360 Mama, combining our efforts to help mothers handle their postnatal recovery journey with a little more ease and a lot more confidence.