6D Tape technology

Our 6D Tape products are patented skin-friendly handle tapes intended for physical therapy, lymphatic therapy and self-care. Its unique handles and tissue manipulation method make it a truly versatile and powerful solution for treating various ailments.

6D Tape is a class 1 medical device, registered according to the European Union’s Medical Devices Regulation (MDR 2017/745/EU).

6D Tape’s device registration and listing in the USA: FDA Class 1, 510(K) Exempt, Product code KGX, Regulation # 21 CRF 880.5240, Listing # D442239

European Patent No. EP3528765

U.S. Patent No. 11,096,817

Japanese Patent No. 7007388

Canadian Patent No. 3,074,137

International patents pending.

The six core features and technologies of 6D Tape

The first and most prominent feature is the 6D manipulation. This refers to the controlled, painless and safe manipulation of tissue in six directions: up and down, back and forth, side to side and around the axis. In other words, along the X, Y and Z axis, including rotation around the axis. This differentiates 6D Tape from every type of kinesiology tape and other typical therapeutic tapes. Six-dimensional manipulation is impossible with ordinary therapeutic tape. This means that 6D Tape is an active tape.

6D Tape is provenly skin-friendly

Feature number two of 6D Tape is its patented skin-friendly adhesive. The adhesive of 6D Tape is skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and contains no latex. Users can wear 6D Tape for up to 10 days. The adhesives used in regular tapes are often too strong, causing skin irritation, especially with sweaty skin and wet tape – we wished to eliminate this problem. The adhesive of 6D Tape is activated by rubbing the tape when it is on the skin, and it reaches maximum adhesion in about 15 minutes.

The left picture shows how the 6D Tape adhesive is gentle on the skin when the tape is removed. The picture on the right shows how the adhesives of regular kinesiology tapes and other therapeutic tapes damage the protective top layer when removed. This is also visualized in the video below.

6D tape has a proven grip                                                                                                                

Feature number three of 6D Tape is its excellent adhesion. The adhesive contours to the surface of the skin, as shown in the picture on the left. This makes the tape stick like no other. Your skin’s top layer is safe under 6D Tape.

Regular tapes use strong adhesives that will not conform to the skin’s surface, as seen in the right picture.  This is why regular tape will damage the top layer of the skin when removed – the peaks shown in the picture will be torn off.

The following video demonstrates how safe 6D Tape is for the skin’s top layer, the stratum corneum, compared to all regular kinesiology tapes and therapy tapes.

Tape test

This video is a test of 6D Tape and regular kinesiology tape on newsprint. The test shows how much better the 6D Tape adhesive is for the skin compared to regular kinesiology tapes and therapy tapes. When regular tape is removed, the surface layer of the paper is torn – the same happens with the top layer of the skin. When 6D Tape is removed, no damage is caused because of the skin-friendly adhesive of 6D Tape. In other words, 6D Tape will not cause skin irritation, unlike regular tapes.

6D Tape uses a skin-friendly base tape material

 Feature number four of 6D Tape is its skin-friendly base tape material, which has the following six key properties:

  1. The base tape is a unique, elastic and skin-friendly kinesiology tape that is 98 percent cotton. In other words, it is made of a natural material.
  2. The elasticity of 6D Tape imitates that of the skin, making it very pleasant to wear and preventing the tape from straining the skin.
  3. Naturally, 6D Tape will also breathe and it is designed to be worn for 3–10 days.
  4. The tape is also waterproof, making it safe for saunas, showers, swimming and so on.
  5. 6D Tape is hypoallergenic and suitable for use on highly sensitive skin.
  6. No latex or rubber is used in 6D Tape.

6D Tape features skin-friendly handle material

 Feature number five of 6D Tape is its skin-friendly handle material, which has the following six key properties:

  1. The 6D handles are soft and pleasant to the touch, as they are made with 100 percent polypropylene fibers that are used in baby diapers, for example.
  2. The handles also provide a good grip, as the material is not flexible, unlike the base tape, allowing accurate treatment.
  3. The 6D handles are breathable, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and latex- and rubber-free.
  4. Waterproof handles make the tape safe for saunas, showers, swimming and so on.
  5. Hypoallergenic handles are suitable for highly sensitive skin.
  6. No latex or rubber is used in the 6D handles

Active self-care

Feature number six of 6D Tape is active self-care. Self-care multiple times per day is easy with the 6D handles. More frequent treatment makes for better outcomes. In other words, 6D Tape is a highly cost-efficient way to increase the number of treatments and the effectiveness of the therapy. Similar self-care is impossible with ordinary tape.

These six core features and high technology make 6D Tape a unique and unbeatable therapeutic product.

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