Video training for 6D Tape treatment

The training has two parts:

Part 1 – Why use 6D Tape? In this part, we first examine the six key ideas and technologies of 6D Tape. The training continues with the mode of action, the appropriate indications for treatment and the contraindications. We will then review the physiology of the lymphatic system in more detail, including how the treatment supports its functioning. Next will be the feasibility study based on medical imaging and its results. Lastly, we use examples to demonstrate the method’s treatment outcomes, including benefits from the perspective of the patient and the therapist.

Part 2 – How to use 6D Tape This part covers the practical side of 6D Tape treatment. Instructions on how to use 6D Tape to physically manipulate the lymphatic system. Introduction to the 6D Tape products, including self-care kits. Instructions for 6D Tape application in practice. Examples in the form of treatment videos (treatment video collection). Summary: a quick review of the main points of the 6D Tape training.


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